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Vanity of the Bonfires

July 25, 2022 9:31 PM


It is unfortunate, but probably inevitable in our system, that politics encourages polarisation. You're either with us or against us - there's no middle way. Liberal Democrats remain convinced that Brexit was wrong. We will be poorer in many ways as a result. But that's not to say that we can claim that there are no advantages to Brexit. One advantage is to enable us to amend regulations we agreed to while EU members, where they no longer benefit us. Regulations often involved compromises between various countries and we can now focus on our needs. Therefore, over time, we can make the changes that are needed.

But that's not good enough for Conservative front-runner Mrs Truss. Hundreds of laws covering employment and environmental protections could disappear overnight after she promised to scrap all remaining EU regulations by the end of 2023.

Despite warnings about the scale and complexity of the task, Truss launched her leadership runoff campaign by promising a "sunset" for all EU-derived laws within 15 months. Experts and union leaders said Truss's proposals would be hugely difficult to achieve in the context of civil service cuts, with warnings it could end up becoming a "bonfire of rights".

Her plan would mean each remaining EU law and regulation would be "evaluated on the basis of whether it supports UK growth or boosts investment", with those deemed not to do so replaced.

In her own words it's all about growth and investment. But most of these rules are about employment and environmental protection. Who cares about worker's rights or the future of our planet when we can get more foreign investors?

Liberal Democrats priorities put people and the planet first. We do need to grow in the right way and attract investment but not at any cost.


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